The Conjuring

As of this writing ‘The Conjuring’ is breaking box office records –┬áthe biggest domestic opening ever for an original R-rated horror movie, the first horror movie to surpass $100 million domestic. This is wonderful news for horror fans, more studios will fund horrors now, more distributers will take a chance on indie horror, more cinemas […]

You’re Next

This film was not what I expected, and to be honest, not what I wanted. I went to the screening expecting a hard, nasty home invasion story and instead I got a strange-toned movie about survival skills with a comedic streak right through the middle of it. I like horror-comedies when I know thats what […]

Evil Dead

Ok, lets get this out the way first: if you’re a fan of the original ‘The Evil Dead’ and you go to the remake expecting the same irreverence, the same gleeful gore, the same Ash; you will be disappointed. This is a re-imagining more so than a remake and things here do not make you […]