The Lodge

I am a huge fan of Jaeden Martell. Having been massively impressed with his work in the It movies and his earlier work in The Book of Henry (in which he is astounding!) I was eagerly awaiting his latest films. I saw Knives Out and though I didn’t care for the movie, the underuse of […]

The Conjuring Effect

  Horror is in crisis, but the reviews for the recent movies have been good and so my non-horror friends are confused as to why I think this. With Hollywood taking a new interest in horror, investing more time and money into it, it has been dumbed down and dulled for the masses with recent […]

The Invisible Man

  The Invisible Man was one of The Dark Universe monsters in the stable of Universal Pictures. It was originally intended that The Invisible Man would become part of that greater cinematic universe heralded by The Mummy Returns  launched in 2017 to critical and box office derision. As that monstrosity crashed and burned (as it […]