Well hello there…

welcome to sue’s blog where i shall be discussing all things horror and generally printing reviews of the horrors i watch to help justify the spending of copious hours spent watching them in all their lurid and gory glory.

i hope it proves to be an enjoyable read…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. You nailed the Halloween Kills review!
    The acting, writing, and directing was horrible. As was the cast. It all seemed so forced! Brackett and Marion went out like punks, and Lonnie didn’t even get a death scene. And What’s with the pitchforks? Is this the old west!? Shoot him! Then burn him and then seal his ashes in cement. Go all Rasputin on him! Rant over.

    • Thank you!! I’m still so shocked that anyone could be under the impression this was anything less than a train wreck form start to finish..
      and I agree – if they are gunna go old school, maybe the Middle Ages would have been a more appropriate reference point when it comes to making sure he’s dead! Lol

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