Insidious Chapter 2


A horror film brought to you from the strong pedigree of ‘Paranormal Activity’s Oren Peli and ‘Saw’s James Wan should be fright perfection.

Is Insidous chapter 2 perfection? Not really, but it is fun.

Picking up from the precise moment that the first Insidious ended, we are back with Renee (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Patrick Wilson), Elise (Lyn Shaye) has just died and young Dalton is back with his family, returned from The Further. This next chapter explores where the whole saga started – Josh’s childhood haunting and how it was resolved, and how this past is impacting on the present haunting situation. We also look at the Bride in Black, the entity that haunted Josh in the first chapter, and why/how this ghost manifested with a background story that fondly recalls horror classic ‘Sleepaway Camp’

There are some neat doubling back into the story twists that gave the writing a bit more zing than yur usual horror fare, and its an admirable thing to get back the entire original cast, particularly when it is populated by such Hollywood heavy weights as Byrne, Wilson and Barbara Hershey.

The film itself does well with real make-up and the minimal cgi is welcome, the acting of course is well above average and the comic relief care of Leigh Whanell and Angus Sampson as intrepid ghost hunting collegues of Elise is one of Insidious Chapter two’s most obvious strengths, comedy lacking in most horros these days and utilised beautifully here to relax the viewer between scares so they hit harder when they happen.

As for the scares themsleves – fairly pedestrain and well telegraphed but one or two of the more subtle frights are effective and the use of music in both parts one and two of the Insidious franchise, is clever and memorable.

This film wont give anyone nightmares or stay with you after the credits roll – jump scares usually dont, but this is a film made by experts and the quality and sure-handedness make this a good, fun night at the movies.


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