Darkfield Radio – Double

So it’s been months since I’ve been able to see something new at the cinema and as most of us cinephiles are, I was chomping at the bit for new material..
I’m in a WhatsApp group with two of my friends and we normally see horrors together or odd little indie films that we like to talk about over coffee and wine afterwards.
Lately we have been watching streaming films at the same time and messaging about them during and after; its not ever going to b the same as going to the cinema but its better than nothing.
When Miss CB suggested a new audio experience called Darkfield Radio I had no idea what to expect but a quick peruse of their website promised an innovative horror-filled immersive aural treat, something new and stimulating for the senses, and as my friend recommended it – I was in!
The new production is called ‘Double’ and though its apparently even better for two people to take part in together, we were told it was fine for singles to also enjoy and so we signed up immediately.

After paying and registering, we each received an email telling us when and where to log into the app they ask you to download.
The email advises that you must be ready at a kitchen table with a glass of water and ‘do not disturb’ on your phone or tablet when the show is set to begin.
Once the app is downloaded and you’ve used your emailled password to login, all that was there was a countdown ominously ticking towards the time that you will be part of the dark radio.

When the time came I was ready, earbuds in, glass of water at hand, the room darkened and my friends in their houses also ready to go.
This is quite an experience folks.
I did not expect to feel the way that I felt. I did not expect to be as freaked out as I was. I did not expect to to jump out of my chair in fright, heart pounding, looking around my room for the source of those ominous footsteps, those voices. Immersive does not even begin to be descriptive enough.
Its best to go in with no real idea what to expect so I’m not going to go into the plot, suffice to say this tells a story that touches on themes of psychiatric disorders, domestic violence and horror. A trigger warning is a fair thing here and should be taken heed.

After it was over we messaged back and forth about how creeped out we were and it seems it managed to have an impact on all of us – not an easy feat at all!

At twenty minutes it did feel a little sudden in its ending but I was very glad to have taken part and recommend it to anyone missing horrors that get your nerves on edge and your hair on end.
A fun unique and spooky good time! 


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