Darkfield Radio – Double

So it’s been months since I’ve been able to see something new at the cinema and as most of us cinephiles are, I was chomping at the bit for new material..I’m in a WhatsApp group with two of my friends and we normally see horrors together or odd little indie films that we like to […]


Man I love Aussie horror, some of the best horror films I’ve ever seen have been Australian.From The Babadook to Wolf Creek, from Lake Mungo to Blackwater and The Loved Ones, they are always fearless, honest and brutal.And they often have something to say, some subversive undercurrent to give the horror an extra push of […]

The Lodge

I am a huge fan of Jaeden Martell. Having been massively impressed with his work in the It movies and his earlier work in The Book of Henry (in which he is astounding!) I was eagerly awaiting his latest films. I saw Knives Out and though I didn’t care for the movie, the underuse of […]

The Conjuring Effect

  Horror is in crisis, but the reviews for the recent movies have been good and so my non-horror friends are confused as to why I think this. With Hollywood taking a new interest in horror, investing more time and money into it, it has been dumbed down and dulled for the masses with recent […]

The Invisible Man

  The Invisible Man was one of The Dark Universe monsters in the stable of Universal Pictures. It was originally intended that The Invisible Man would become part of that greater cinematic universe heralded by The Mummy Returns  launched in 2017 to critical and box office derision. As that monstrosity crashed and burned (as it […]

Top movies 2019

  It chapter 2 A film that crosses all genres and excels at them; this has horror, romance, action, thriller, comedy. It is an epic achievement both in its scope and its ambition. Who’d have thought a three-hour horror movie featuring only a few name stars, low budget and nothing but director Andy Muscietti’s passion and […]

Doctor Sleep

When I first heard they were making a film of Doctor Sleep, I wasn’t exactly excited. Scheduled to be released, as it was, the same year as ‘It chapter 2’, which is the film that I’d been anticipating for years.  I didn’t feel there was enough of an audience for another Stephen King adaption (after […]

It Chapter 2

So I’ve struggled with how to write this review, having seen the film almost a week ago I still haven’t written about it.  Though I’ve been very active on Twitter and Facebook in my defence of it, a review requires a far more ordered sense of how I feel and it had been scattershot since […]


  Last years Hereditary seemed to divide horror fans somewhere down the middle; there were people in the camp of  “it’s a little slow”, they didn’t dig the studied nature of the film nor the undercurrents of terror, preferring instead a more immediate pay off.  People in the second camp believe, as I do, that […]