The Stylist

The Stylist begins with a haircut. Our protagonist Clare (Najarra Townsend), is cutting the hair of a client who is chatting away about her life. As the woman talks more, you can see the envy in Clare’s eyes. She makes the client a drink, waits for it to take effect, scalps the poor woman and […]


I have to be honest, I don’t like James Wan. I think his films are derivative, boring, obvious and severely lacking in scares. I didn’t mind Insidious though the sequels were rubbish. The Conjuring was well made and acted but, at best, it was unchallenging and generic. The sequel was worse, and the third part […]

The Conjuring 2

  I guess it’s some sort of skill to consistently produce/write/direct ‘horror’ films that actually aren’t scary. This is the dubious title I am unceremoniously awarding James Wan, who once again presents us with a film featuring an impeccable cast, impressive visuals and is of sumptuous high quality, but that is completely devoid of scares. […]

As Above, So Below

When you are a connoisseur of horror films you are acutely aware of the patterns that emerge in certain sub-genres such as ‘psycho killer stalker’, ‘backwoods hillbilly killers’, ‘haunted house’, ‘devil possession’ etc. – they have formulas and if you’ve seen enough of them, you can tick those cues off like blowing out candles; the […]